Annual on-property sale review

Top Hillcreston Park merino ram heads to New Zealand while top Crown Hill Poll Dorset ram stays local See details

Hillcreston Park ram crowned Champion Ultrafine

Hillcreston Park secures win at the Northern Merino Ram Breeders’ Association Armidale Housed Ram Show and Sale. See details

Hillcreston Park Merino Stud Crown Hill Poll Dorset Stud Annual on-property sale review Hillcreston Park ram crowned Champion Ultrafine

Hillcreston Park Merino & Crown Hill Poll Dorset Studs

Hillcreston Park Merino Stud is renowned for producing superfine sheep with soft bright wool that features exceptional quality, stylish crimp and long staple length. Over the last 10 years we have been using selective breeding to give our sheep more frame and bone structure while still keeping our prized 1PP type wool.

In conjunction with their merino stud, Danny and Megan also run Crown Hill Poll Dorset Stud. Established in 2005, the aim of Crown Hill is to produce commerical rams that are suited to the Southern Tablelands of NSW and display rapid growing rate and muscular development whilst still being structurally sound.

We strive to present exceptional young horn and poll Merino and Dorset sires for sale each year. These rams are available privately and at our annual on-property sale. 

Hillcreston Park and Crown Hill have Johnes MN3V status and all rams are tested Brucellosis and Footrot free.



Thursday, 12 Oct 2017
Hillcreston Park stud sale
Inspection 10am
Sale commences 1pm

Crown Hill poll dorset sale
Inspection 9:30am
Sale commences 11am